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Thank God for three baptisms just a few days ago! From left, numbers 2, 4, and 5 obeyed the Lord in baptism as soon as they professed faith in Jesus. 
Ari, number 2, is a medical student from India whom we have been ministering to for some months. More about ministry to Indians later.

Where the saints belong on Resurrection Sunday–in church! Sadly, in this Catholic country, Easter is more about being with family, going to the beach, and eating binignit than honoring our Lord. But thank God we had good attendance in our three services.


Since we have a nice vehicle for such purposes, other churches sometimes ask for help if they need people moved around. A month ago, at 4 AM, I went to pick up 21 intrepid campers at the Ambassadors For Christ facility. Thank God, no rain! Because many do not have tents. They were at a youth camp learning evangelism. Then I drove them home to Carmen and Calinan.
(The Toyota is designed to carry only 14. 😁 )


You might be able to see two deep footprints and a butt-print. I was on my way to a Bible study when I couldn’t unstick my feet. While I was trying, I tipped over. The only thing that hurt was my pride, largely because I needed help getting up! A guy who happened to be there and Cathirene helped me up. Yes, a woman. 😂 She’s less than half my weight, but she and the stranger were strong enough to get me going.
Silt had covered the area after a flood, making it more sticky than normal mud. 


These little girls were working very hard, with no adult supervision. My heart was touched. What could I do for them? I asked my Filipino friend, and he suggested ‘pan’ (a sweet bread treat). The kids were so thankful.


I love public preaching! O.T. prophets did it, Jesus did it, and the apostles did it. 


Our Sunday evening men’s Bible study, examining David’s FAIL as a husband in 2 Samuel 6:16-23.


Since January 14, we have not had running water except for about an hour per day. Plus ‘brownouts’ have become more frequent. Thankfully our lease is ending, and we’ll move into a cheaper place in about a month that’s in a better subdivision.


A snack after our El Rio Bible study today. I appreciate how so many Filipino children join our Bible studies and patiently listen to the adult content. God’s Word is being planted in their hearts.
Dad Cornelio (not pictured) was the topic of the study today. 😁 Not really. In English, the name is Cornelius (in Acts 10). But in the Cebuano Bible the centurion’s name is Cornelio. 🙂


We went to a park to celebrate the birthday of Janny–one of our Indian friends–and some guys were walking around the park offering their animals to pose with for P50 ($1) each. I had never held a python or a crocodile before, so why not?


We love the Indians in our church as individuals, of course, but we also love their potential as harvesters in their own country.
Jesus commanded us to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers into his harvest. We would love to send Indians–discipled and trained–into their homeland to do ministry for Jesus. Our dear friend Ebi has already returned there, and is bearing good fruit.
India is in the smaller box within the rectangle in this map. Can you see the need? Red dots represent unreached tribes and cultures. Lord, send laborers!


Meeting Indian-style, with no chairs. Unfortunately, I literally cannot sit cross-legged like that. I never have been able to, even as a child. Something wrong with my hip joints, I guess.


We have been helping impoverished families to start small businesses, which is so much better for their souls than just handing them cash. It recently dawned on me (duh!) that for earning money, helping someone get a driver’s license is cheaper and better for most people than to help them start a business. The vast majority of Filipinos cannot afford to get a license. A license will open doors to jobs such as jeepney driver, truck driver, motorcycle deliveryman, or taxi driver.
(Pictured: Banban with his mother, Annalie. We helped Ban recently to get a license.)


I did kids’ ministry for 16 years before our mission. It’s fun when I get to talk to children again occasionally.
There’s a lot to learn from the story of Zacchaeus. That’s often my go-to text when I minister to kids.
I sometimes get to teach two or three Bible studies in one day. This one is in Gem Village, Ma-a. Our ministry recently provided Veronico–the head of this household–with a motorcycle cart from which he will sell street food.
We so appreciate our sponsors, who enable such blessings!

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